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The biggest challenge in our lives is to overcome neurosis.

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Do you pull your hair while you work? Or maybe when you make a tough decision? If yes, chances are you are neurotic.

When I learned about neuroticism. Oh boy! I was like this is me — from the get-go. I am somewhat neurotic. Yes, you are. And everyone else is. When I learned about this topic, I could not help myself but learn more and more about it. I read a wonderful book called Neurosis In Our Society. Read every article and interview there was about this topic. …

Your ego is not your amigo.

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It is called writer’s block. I would prefer to call it Ego block. Because ego has its element to it.

The ego does its job very subtly. Ego is stealthy. You might not notice it which is exactly the problem. Here I caught it red-handed for you and will explain how you should avoid having an ego — because it’s fatal to your creative side of yourself.

The problem with having an ego is that it won't let you excel at any profession or interest that you have. You will always be that newbie. Perhaps, jack of most of the…

There can be some level of harm in what you say.

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Arizona State University concluded that on average, men and women speak about 16,000 words a day. How many words do you speak per day? If you speak more than an average person, then here you will find out why you should not.

Excession leads to destruction. Nothing too much is healthy. I am pretty sure you knew that. Just like too much junk food can affect your physical health, too much speaking can hurt your mental well-being.

I will be talking about how your words can affect you, not others. …

By daily forgetting, I have come to be.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

“Don’t worry, forget this.” “Forget that.” “Forget it.” You most likely have heard these phrases from people more than a hundred if not thousands of times. Why forget? As if forgetting is good.

Forget, because things that you think are “important” are the things that are not going to stay relevant days, months, or years from now. Can you recall what you had for dinner last month Tuesday night? The answer is ‘I do not remember/can not recall’.

As a kid, I had an obsession with memorizing telephone numbers and number plates. Back then remembering things like that was a…


I write, and I feel comfortable.

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