3 Reasons Why You Should Speak Less

There can be some level of harm in what you say.

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

1. Speaking Too Much Leads to Anxiety

2. People Who Talk Too Much Actually Has Less To Say

You either talk or think. You can not do both at the same time. Talking is not about the number of words you say, it is about how much of your words and sentences are relevant. The one who talks too much has less time to think, so as a result, the things they say are not relevant most of the time.

3. No One Listens To People Who Talk Too Much

There is a saying in my language Pashto that says, A stone is modest when it remains in its own place. There is a reason why some people find introverts attractive. They usually keep things to themselves.

Silence Is The Treatment

The good news is you already have the remedy in you. Remaining silent is an act of worship. Worshiping has this silent element to it across cultures, religions, and spiritual practices. Speak good or remain silent. Sometimes it is better to keep some words to yourself — for your own good. There is some level of harm in what you say but never in remaining silent.

I write, and I feel comfortable.